Month: April 2013

Chester N. Turner confirmed as a guest for the October Cinema Wasteland/Snuff 102 Update

After the extremely positive (and somewhat skeptical) response we got with announcing the “Black Devil Doll from Hell” and “Tales from the Quadead Zone” DVDs, it only made sense that we arranged for the director/producer of both films, Chester N.

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Live Feed VHS/Severed VHS Convention

As stated previously, we would be putting up the remainder of the stock for the “Live Feed” VHS on the website so everyone who did not attend Cinema Wasteland could purchase one. There is a very limited amount available, so

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Snuff 102/Savage Vengeance DVDs now available!

I am excited to officialy announce that Massacre Video will be handling the release for Argentinean director Mariano Peralta’s controversial film “Snuff 102”! This is the first time that “Snuff 102” will have a wide release. In 2007 the director¬†briefly¬†sold

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