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The Devil has Shipped + Other Updates

To everyone who pre-ordered the limited edition slipcase for THE DEVIL, all orders have shipped and are arriving at their new homes. Pre-ordering really help Massacre move along, do more extensive restorations from film elements and acquire new titles, so we appreciate your patience!

We are waiting for the remaining pieces of MR NO LEGS to arrive. They will be promptly assembled and shipped to all those who ordered as soon as we have them in hand. Therefore, there is no need to send “where are my pre-order?” styled messages. However, if you have placed an order, be assured that we will be shipping it ASAP once everything is in stock. If you don’t enjoy waiting for pre-orders, you can always hold off on placing your order until we have the product in stock. Standard edition copies are also available at Amazon, DiabloikDVD, Grindhouse Video, DeepDiscount and countless other shops. We are a 3 person team with only one person doing all fulfillment; we get orders out as fast as humanly possible.

We are currently finishing up the AVON PRODUCTIONS TRIPLE FEATURE, starting the last processes of TOXIC ZOMBIES and waiting on the new 4k scan for the surprise Blu-ray we mentioned in an earlier post. In-addition to that we are finishing up around 5 DVD releases that will be available to order soon!