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Men Behind the Sun Coming Soon + Other Updates!

We are pleased to announce that one of the most HARD-HITTING and CONTROVERSIAL films of all time, Tun Fei Mou’s MEN BEHIND THE SUN, is coming to Blu-ray soon with a brand new 4k scan from the Original Camera Negatives!

The Limited Edition slipcase version of MEN BEHIND THE SUN will be included as a free bonus to all who purchased the Blu-ray subscription.

While waiting on this current virus situation to pass, we are staying busy behind the scenes and using this time to finish a few loose bits for our upcoming releases. Below is the cover for our 8th release in our limited edition Blu-ray series, the shocking and succulent AVON TRIPLE FEATURE.

Our distributor is affected by the current San Francisco lock down. The last pieces for our upcoming release of MR NO LEGS will be in during this shut down. Right when work can resume, these will be assembled and shipped to our shipping guy. Our web store is still actively shipping anything that is in stock.

We will post an update once we have one about the reopening of our distributor.