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Massacre Video Store is Currently Down

If you may notice, the Massacre Video store is temporarily down. Long story short, PayPal feels that I should not be able to spend any of the pre-order money to make the product! They refuse to unlock the money until I ship the product out, which is counterproductive because without the money I can not pay for the product to be created, so how could it be shipped? After speaking to PayPal representatives for hours on end, I realized I hit a brick wall and they do not care about the little company or how they could possibly corrupt it.

Within a day or so I will post again to let everyone know what is currently going on with the pre-orders! TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PRE-ORDERED, YOUR ORDER WILL BE HONORED!

I have put a lot into this project already for it to fail at the last second due to a greedy multi-billionaire company such as PayPal. I will work diligently to make sure that this is solved in the fastest matter possible.

Thank you so much to everyone that has pre-ordered and please bear with me while I try to fix this shit storm!