DVD Releases
-555(out now)
-Orozco the Embalmer(Out Now)
-Junk Films(Out Now)
-Demon Queen(Out Now)
-Savage Vengeance(Out Now)
-Snuff 102(Out Now)
-Black Devil Doll from Hell/Tales from the Quadead Zone(Coming October 2013)
-The Changer aka The Nostril Picker(Coming Soon)
-Mondo Magic(Coming Soon)
-Voyage to Agatis aka Reise nach Agatis(Coming Soon)

VHS Exclusive Releases
-Bloodsuckers from Outer Space(OOP)
-The Undertaker and His Pals(OOP)
-The Redsin Tower(Out Now)
-Fred Vogel’s August Underground Trilogy(Out Now)
-Live Feed(Out Now)