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Last 30 copies of MR NO LEGS/THE DEVIL remain!

We have finished shipping the limited edition slipcases for MR NO LEGS, thank you to everyone who has ordered. In the meantime, we have been absolutely bombarded with emails/messages asking if we had anymore copies of this title.

After doing a final count after shipping, we have 30 copies of both MR. NO LEGS and THE DEVIL left in stock. Once these are gone they are gone for GOOD (minus a small amount that is going to Strange Vice).
….and YES, there will be a retail edition of MR NO LEGS coming at a later date.

Orders for LOVE BITES and NIGHT TERROR will be going up this week as well!

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Men Behind the Sun Coming Soon + Other Updates!

We are pleased to announce that one of the most HARD-HITTING and CONTROVERSIAL films of all time, Tun Fei Mou’s MEN BEHIND THE SUN, is coming to Blu-ray soon with a brand new 4k scan from the Original Camera Negatives!

The Limited Edition slipcase version of MEN BEHIND THE SUN will be included as a free bonus to all who purchased the Blu-ray subscription.

While waiting on this current virus situation to pass, we are staying busy behind the scenes and using this time to finish a few loose bits for our upcoming releases. Below is the cover for our 8th release in our limited edition Blu-ray series, the shocking and succulent AVON TRIPLE FEATURE.

Our distributor is affected by the current San Francisco lock down. The last pieces for our upcoming release of MR NO LEGS will be in during this shut down. Right when work can resume, these will be assembled and shipped to our shipping guy. Our web store is still actively shipping anything that is in stock.

We will post an update once we have one about the reopening of our distributor.

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The Devil has Shipped + Other Updates

To everyone who pre-ordered the limited edition slipcase for THE DEVIL, all orders have shipped and are arriving at their new homes. Pre-ordering really help Massacre move along, do more extensive restorations from film elements and acquire new titles, so we appreciate your patience!

We are waiting for the remaining pieces of MR NO LEGS to arrive. They will be promptly assembled and shipped to all those who ordered as soon as we have them in hand. Therefore, there is no need to send “where are my pre-order?” styled messages. However, if you have placed an order, be assured that we will be shipping it ASAP once everything is in stock. If you don’t enjoy waiting for pre-orders, you can always hold off on placing your order until we have the product in stock. Standard edition copies are also available at Amazon, DiabloikDVD, Grindhouse Video, DeepDiscount and countless other shops. We are a 3 person team with only one person doing all fulfillment; we get orders out as fast as humanly possible.

We are currently finishing up the AVON PRODUCTIONS TRIPLE FEATURE, starting the last processes of TOXIC ZOMBIES and waiting on the new 4k scan for the surprise Blu-ray we mentioned in an earlier post. In-addition to that we are finishing up around 5 DVD releases that will be available to order soon!

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Deadly Diamonds DVD + other Updates

The Deadliest of Diamonds has just arrived to our distributor and are now en-route to our lovely shipping man, Jason! Everyone who ordered a copy DIRECT of AMERICAN RAMPAGE/DANGER USA will receive a DVD that will fit in the empty spot in the case. Less than 30% of the stock is remaining on this title, so pick it up soon if you don’t want to miss out.

We are currently waiting on the manufacturing to be completed for MR NO LEGS and the slipcases for THE DEVIL to arrive. THE DEVIL will be shipping first and we will post updates once we have them. We get a lot of emails asking the same questions over and over. We please ask people to refer to this page, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates as we post them when we have them. We are a small team and having to answer emails for hours a day puts us behind. If you are unable to wait for a pre-order, please wait until the item becomes in stock before ordering.

The Avon Collection is about to enter manufacturing and pre-orders will begin once MR NO LEGS come in stock. Shortly after TOXIC ZOMBIES will be finished and we will also be making this title available for pre-order.

Now for a bit of a tease, we have just signed the contract for arguably our biggest titles yet. As a thank you to people who purchased the Blu-ray subscription package, this Blu-ray will be sent to the subscribers as a free bonus! We will have a title announcement soon….