Daisuke Yamanouchi Subscription [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

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Experience the shocking and disturbing world of Daisuke Yamonouchi with our limited-time film collection subscription. For one month only, you can subscribe to receive all seven of Yamonouchi’s most controversial Japanese V-cinema films, making their official debut in the USA with English subtitles.

Each film comes in a limited edition slipcase, shipped directly to your door as it becomes available, ensuring a hassle-free way to complete your collection.

By subscribing now, you’ll enjoy a special discount and secure your access to these rare and provocative films. Shipping costs are included in the subscription price, so there are no extra charges at checkout. This offer is available exclusively to USA customers due to the high cost of international shipping.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own Daisuke Yamonouchi’s most disturbing works. Subscribe today and immerse yourself in a cinematic experience that pushes the boundaries of horror and V-cinema.




Included Films:
-Girl Hell 1999
-MuZan E
-Kyoko vs Yuki
-Blood Sisters
-Red Room
-Red Room 2

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