My Bloody Banjo [Refused Films Blu-Ray]


UNCUT! UNCENSORED! & UNCIRCUMCISED! For the first time on Blu-ray.

Meet Peltzer Arbuckle, a meek and bullied office employee, humiliated by his megalomaniac boss, teasing colleagues and his cheating partner. Peltzer spends his days in misery, stuck in his own mundane, nightmarish reality. Once news about his embarrassing sexual accident makes it’s way around the workplace, Peltzer decides to put up with his humiliation no more, and conjures up his childhood imaginary friend Ronnie. Peltzer’s world is soon turned upside down, when Ronnie attempts to manipulate him to exact revenge on his tormenting co-workers in the most gruesome fashion. As the body count stacks up, Peltzer must ultimately decide whether to run away from his past or take control of his future, as he battles between sanity and madness, in this twisted tale of infidelity, revenge and snapped banjo strings.

Limited to only 1,000 factory pressed Blu-ray discs (playable worldwide) each Blu ray will be signed and individually numbered by director Liam Regan.

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Special Features
-Remastered Director’s Cut (94 minutes)
-Original 2015 Festival Cut
-Audio Commentaries
-From Behind: Making of Banjo Documentary
-Deleted Scenes
-Gore Reel
-Raw B-Roll
-VFX Reel
-Red Carpet Interviews
-Festival Trailer
-Proof of Concept Trailer from 2013
-Proof of Concept Scene from 2013
-Short Film “Confessions of Peltzer” from 2012
-Eating Miss Campbell Trailer