About Us

Welcome to Massacre Video — the underground champions of the cinematic world. Since bursting onto the scene in 2007, we’ve torn up the rulebook and dared to showcase what others wouldn’t even touch. We’re not just film distributors; we’re film rebels, resurrecting the raw and the radical from cinema’s shadowy corners..

Massacre Video thrives on the edge. Our mission? To elevate films that push boundaries and provoke strong reactions. Our catalog showcases a bold spectrum of cinema—from the grotesque allure of “Orozco the Embalmer” by Tsurisaki Kiyotaka and the visceral impact of “Tumbling Doll of Flesh” by Tamakichi Anaru, to the chilling tales of “Snuff 102” by Mariano Peralta and TF Mou’s harrowing “Men Behind the Sun.” We also feature provocative works like Alex Lee Moyer’sTFW NO GF” and Uwe Boll’s action-packed “BloodRayne,” alongside cult favorites like the shocking “Black Devil Doll from Hell” and the eerie “Tales from the Quadead Zone.” Each title in our collection is chosen for its power to challenge, shock, and captivate.

Massacre Video isn’t just preserving physical formats; we’re reigniting a passion for tangible cinema. We pioneered the neo-VHS movement, embracing the nostalgia of magnetic tape to deliver modern classics in their most authentic form. Beyond our revival of VHS, we’ve made monumental strides in film preservation by unearthing and restoring the only known film elements of movies thought lost forever, such as “Mr. No Legs” and “HardGore.”

Our catalog boasts over 100 films across DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS, each curated to shake up the status quo and offer more than just a movie viewing—it’s an experience. We’re here to disrupt the film industry, challenge viewer expectations, and entertain with a visceral intensity that only Massacre Video can deliver. Every release from our collection is a testament to our dedication to film as an art form, ensuring each work remains as impactful and unforgettable as its first screening.

Massacre isn’t just our name; it’s our strategy against the sanitized horror world. We dive headfirst into the archives others fear to explore and emerge with the films that redefine genres. Our lineup isn’t just watched; it’s experienced. It’s felt in the gut and remembered forever. Often imitated but never replicated, we invite you to join our ongoing journey to ensure that powerful, provocative, and overlooked cinematic stories are not only viewed but also celebrated and discussed.

Explore our collection and be part of a cinematic revolution.