The Nostril Picker(aka The Changer) [DVD]


Special Features:

-'The Changer' Reversible Cover
-Alternative Title Card
-Interview With Producer/Cinematographer, Patrick J Mathews
-Extensive Stills Gallery
-DVD-Rom Press Kit

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Joe is an ugly loser, incapable of picking up women. But when he’s taught a magical power, capable of transforming him into anyone he pleases and then back to his normal self, he decides to use it to live out his perverse fantasies.

Initially content just watching them shower, Joe soon tires of mindless nudity and gears up to take his ultimate revenge against womankind: luring them to his shabby apartment, violently killing, and even eating them!

This Michigan-lensed thriller, originally released as The Changer, combines gory violence, moments of sly humor, and a shocking twist ending. Massacre Video is proud to present The Nostril Picker on DVD in the US for the very first time, and under its original title.