Now Accepting BitCoin!

We have decided to try something new at Massacre Video, we are now accepting BitCoin in our web store and in person at conventions.

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Tamakichi Anaru’s TUMBLING DOLL OF FLESH(Niku daruma) now available in our web store!

Massacre Video proudly presents Japanese AV director Tamakichi Anaru’s TUMBLING DOLL OF FLESH ( Niku Daruma). A chronicle of the final moments of life, and the blood soaked death, of a young actress. This controversial and confrontational piece of underground filmmaking remains among the hardest to see and most notorious gore films of the era and is coming to DVD for the first time anywhere in the world outside of Japan.

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Women’s Flesh: My Red Guts DVD Now Available!

Women's Flesh: My Red Guts

Self-loathing and depression set in as a young housewife’s life is ripped apart after her husband leaves her for another woman. Pure hatred begins as the housewife starts to self-mutilate to cope with her loss. Toothbrushes, forks, and knifes are all featured in this bizarre tale of sorrow and violence.

Click here to view disc.

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2016 Black Friday Sale


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Olaf Ittenbach’s BLACK PAST DVD and VHS now available!

Synopsis: After moving into a new house with his family, Thommy find a mysterious mirror and diary in the attic. Soon after the young man is plagued by increasingly disturbing and bloody nightmares. As Thommy begins to loose his grip on reality he begins to transforms into a bloodthirsty and demonic killing machine!

Also included, Shitfucker’s BLACK MOLD!

Available now in our store on both DVD and VHS!

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