Limited to 500 American Rampage/Danger USA Blu-ray Slipcase Now Available for Pre-order.

Our Blu-ray double feature for AMERICAN RAMPAGE/DANGER USA (aka MIND TRAP) is now available to pre-order in our web store.

We are slated to have these disc in hand by August and will be shipping immediately when they become available to us.

If you ordered our last Blu-ray of FINAL STAB, they will be shipping next week!

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Final Stab Pre-order Now Available!

The limited to 500 slipcase edition of David DeCoteau’s FINAL STAB are currently available in our web store now! They will also be available at Grindhouse Video and Strange Vice.

This is a pre-order and the disc are slated to be shipping by June 11th if not earlier!

Release dates for AMERICAN RAMPAGE/DANGER USA (aka MINDTRAP) and MR NO LEGS, coming next!

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2018 Black Friday Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we are gearing up for our Black Friday sale and we wanted to answer any potential questions you may have in advance for a smoother ordering process for all.

This years Black Friday will consist of the following…

-30% off of your total order.
-Free shipping on orders greater than $75 (USA Only).
-2019 Blu-ray bundle pack.
-Early Access to our Marvin Jone’ LOVE BITES on DVD.
-EXTREMELY Limited Massacre Video Knit Hat


Q: How long will the sale last for?
A: The sale will begin at midnight on Black Friday and extend to Midnight on Monday.

Q: The site is going slow, can you help?
A: While we have been improving the speeds of our site, we do have a bit more optimization that needs to be done on our end. During the Black Friday sale, traffic will be abnormally high. We will be working behind the scenes to make sure things go smoothly as possible, however, if wait times are extreme, please be patient and check back later.

Q: Is “insert product” in stock, it says out of stock?
A: No, if the product is out of stock then it is unfortunately out of stock.

Q: I did not get an order confirmation.
A: Check your spambox, they can take a few minutes to auto send. But if for some reason it never shows up, feel free to drop us an email and we will shoot it over to you.

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Assuming you did not include any pre-order items, we are working our best to ship out your products as fast as possible. Earlier this year we added a new member to the team. Jason is relieving the burden of shipping, which was our biggest Achilles heel in the past. The goal is to have all orders completed shipping within the next week or so. All orders are supplied with tracking, so once your order has shipped you will receive a “Order Completed” email with a tracking number in the notes.

Q: When are the exact release dates for the Blu-rays in the subscription and when exactly will they be shipping?
A: Honestly, we do not have a set date for these titles. Each Blu-ray will be shipping immediately when the stock becomes available to us and you are guarantee these titles to arrive during 2019. The current goal is to have all of these titles out by the middle of next year, the first titles should be going out in February and the rest will be sprinkled in the following months. Delays can and do happens sometimes, but things are looking good as of now.

Q: What happens if one of the titles in the subscription is not ready in 2019?
A: If a worst case scenario happens and one of these titles are not available, we will issue a refund at the end of the year for the specific title. But the good news is, all of the titles offered are near completion.

Q: Why buy LOVE BITES now? Will it be available in the future?
A: Well, you don’t have to. It will be available next year through all major retailers, but if this is a title you want to get months before anyone else, this is your chance. LOVE BITES will be shipping late December.

Q: I placed multiple orders, can I combine shipping?
A: When I was doing the shipping, it became more of a mess to do this. But Jason is a professional and can get the job done. Email him at with the subject line “COMBINE SHIPPING” with your order number.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: Just email Jason at with the subject line “CANCEL ORDER” and your order number.

Q: Do you take PayPal?
A: We do not, we take all major credit cards via the mega secure, Stripe.

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DEAD AMERICAN WOMAN DVD now available for order!


The DVD debut of the never before seen Director’s Cut.

Massacre Video proudly presents the gore filled, darkly comedic, and slightly surreal no-budget horror opus by director Peter Romeo Lambert’s (NURSE JILL) DEAD AMERICAN WOMAN. A film that nightmarishly blends the aesthetics of underground film making with slasher set pieces. Co-starring Selwyn Harris (DEVIL IN MISS JONES 5) and an unforgettable performance from Wiley George Finley as Grandpa, DEAD AMERICAN WOMAN makes its official DVD debut, in its never before seen director’s cut.

After being brought back from the grave through ‘the excrement of an innocent,’ murdered go-go dancer Tabitha (Julie Fabulous) sets out to avenge her death, which was at the hands of snuff film producing religious zealot, Virginia Slim (Heather Marie Vernon). Enlisting the aid of Cynthia, whose young daughter also met a gruesome fate from Virginia and her clown-faced henchman, Happy (Happy Dave), Tabitha begins exacting bloody vengeance against all those who wronged her, in the hope that through her acts of violence she’ll earn a place in the kingdom of hell. But with each increasingly brutal slaying, Cythia’s own blood lust becomes more and more apparent, leading to unexpected consequences…


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AMERICAN RAMPAGE and DANGER USA (aka MIND TRAP) coming to Blu-ray!

Coming soon from Massacre Video is an explosive double feature from the producer of HACK-O-LANTERN! The disc will included BRAND NEW 2k scans of the explosive action features AMERICAN RAMPAGE (David DeCoteau) and DANGER USA aka MIND TRAP (Eames Demetrios).

Original Theatrical Trailer for AMERICAN RAMPAGE.

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