‘Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio’ and ‘Voyage to Agatis’ VHS

We had a great time at Cinema Wasteland and would like to thank everyone who came out and picked up something from the MV booth. Wasteland is pretty much our home and we can’t wait for the October show!

I have gotten many emails asking when the ‘Voyage to Agatis’ and the secret tape(‘Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio’) will go up for sale….well they will be going up for sale tomorrow(Friday the 11th) at 3PM EST. They will be shipping out mid next week. We will also have some new shirts available as well! There are not many ‘Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio’ tapes left, so act quick before they are gone for good.

That is it for now, stay tuned for some more news/announcement regarding upcoming titles!

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‘Voyage to Agatis’ Limited Edition VHS Cover!

Our good friend and talented artist Tim “Shagrat” Jenkins, who you may know from the bands ‘Acid Witch’ and ‘Shitfucker’, was kind enough to paint the cover for the ‘Voyage to Agatis’ VHS and Hardbox.

Per request of director Marian Dora, we gave the VHS a bit of a German look. The VHS will be limited to 100 copies and will be on sale first at the Cinema Wasteland convention and then shortly after will be placed online! We will have prints of this painting available as well.

Also at Cinema Wasteland we will have a limited to 50 secret tape, if any copies are left over they will be placed on the website.

That is it for now and see everyone this weekend!

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Trailer for ‘Nekro’ from the upcoming In Hell Productions Collection

Just wanted to share the trailer for Vince Roth and Mick nards nasty short ‘Nekro’! Also included in the set will be ‘Don’t Go in the Fucking Woods’, ‘Six Pack that Bitch’ and ‘Helvete’.

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Black Devil Doll from Hell 7″ Soundtrack On Sale Now

The limited edition Black Devil Doll from Hell soundtrack from Poisoned Mind Records is on sale now in the store! Click on the cover to order.


Strictly limited to 50 hand numbered copies.

Check out Poisoned Mind records at the links below:

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February 2014 Update

It has been a busy few months here at Massacre Video! The Black Devil Doll from Hell/Tales from the Quadead Zone Boxset is our first title that CAV Distributors has been handling. We are very happy to be working with them. We are going to get our back catalog available through them, so that our releases can reach a much wider audience. No more seeing people re-sell standard DVDs at overly inflated prices on eBay/Amazon. The first press of 555 is almost gone. We are left with less than 100 DVDs left, so we will be repressing 555 with a new reverse cover and a new transfer from the “damaged” one inch tape. A local production studios did a little repair work to the tape itself and it ended up having more salvageable footage than before.

We are hard at work on The Changer (a.k.a. The Nostril Picker), Mondo Magic, and Voyage to Agatis. We are hoping to have two of the titles out at Cinema Wasteland in April, but we will leave it a surprise as to which ones.

In future release news, we have been busy planning some of the releases for the later half of 2014 into the early part of 2015.

We have recently acquired the rights for the 1987 shot-on-video classic Venus Flytrap. This is a movie that has been a personal favorite of mine for many years, so it is great to be able to give it the release it deserves. We recorded an audio commentary AND video interviews with stars/producers Kevin Glover and Steve Malis.

We also acquired the rights to the 1986 shot-on-video film Spine, so there is no need to pay $100+ for a copy to just see Spine. This will be the first official release of Spine since the initial VHS release put out by Sterling Silver (4-Play Video). Director/Producer Justin Simonds and Spine’s killer R. Eric Huxley were nice enough to record a full audio commentary and give some very in-depth and informative interviews.

Last but certainly not least, we have teamed up with the infamous In Hell Productions to release their old catalog of short films. This list includes Don’t Go in the Fucking Woods, Six Pack That Bitch, the controversial sicko short Nekro, and a previously unreleased/unfinished short they are completing just for this set entitled Helevet. We are working closely with Vince Roth and Mick Nards to make this the definitive release of the In Hell films. More information about the final release will be posted as the project progresses.

That is it for now, I will be posting more updates as they become available. Thank you for the support and don’t forget to join our mailing list.

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