Deadly Diamonds DVD + other Updates

The Deadliest of Diamonds has just arrived to our distributor and are now en-route to our lovely shipping man, Jason! Everyone who ordered a copy DIRECT of AMERICAN RAMPAGE/DANGER USA will receive a DVD that will fit in the empty spot in the case. Less than 30% of the stock is remaining on this title, so pick it up soon if you don’t want to miss out.

We are currently waiting on the manufacturing to be completed for MR NO LEGS and the slipcases for THE DEVIL to arrive. THE DEVIL will be shipping first and we will post updates once we have them. We get a lot of emails asking the same questions over and over. We please ask people to refer to this page, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates as we post them when we have them. We are a small team and having to answer emails for hours a day puts us behind. If you are unable to wait for a pre-order, please wait until the item becomes in stock before ordering.

The Avon Collection is about to enter manufacturing and pre-orders will begin once MR NO LEGS come in stock. Shortly after TOXIC ZOMBIES will be finished and we will also be making this title available for pre-order.

Now for a bit of a tease, we have just signed the contract for arguably our biggest titles yet. As a thank you to people who purchased the Blu-ray subscription package, this Blu-ray will be sent to the subscribers as a free bonus! We will have a title announcement soon….

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Trailer for our upcoming release of BEYOND THE SPECTRUM – THE UNDERGROUND: THE TRUE STORY OF PHILIP SCHNEIDER by prolific documentarian, Darcy Weir.

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Just got word that the disc and sleeves for THE DEVIL are ready, we are just waiting for the slipcases which are hopefully arriving next week. Once all of the pieces are ready to go, they will be assembled and shipping will begin!

MR. NO LEGS is slated to arrive next and we will be posting updates when they are in hand.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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AMERICAN RAMPAGE/DANGER USA are in our hands and being packed up as we type this.

The bonus DVD of DEADLY DIAMONDS will be shipping separate when they arrive to us.

Next slated to arrive is THE DEVIL and then MR NO LEGS shortly after.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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THE DEVIL (1981) Limited Edition Slipcover

Artwork reveal for the Limited Edition Slipcase of our much-anticipated release of the 1981 Taiwanese black magic gorefest, THE DEVIL. Coming to you with a BRAND NEW moldtastic 4k scan from the quickly deteriorating original camera negatives and presented in its true uncut version for the first time on home video.

Pre-orders for MR. NO LEGS and this will begin on September 17th, 2019.

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